Allen Mattice of CARSTAR Cambridge and Nicole Pereir, General Manager, and Rich Snider, Parts and Service Director, for Cambridge Centre Honda.

Hamilton, Ontario -- August 17, 2015 -- CARSTAR has announced that CARSTAR Cambridge has received Honda ProFirst Certification. The facility is located in Cambridge, Ontario, and is one of a number of collision facilities owned by CARSTAR LC Group.

The certification program itself provides endorsement to collision repair centres that meet or exceed Honda’s standards of safety and level of customer care.

CARSTAR Cambridge owner and management team members Ian Ladd, Peter Chavez, Allen Mattice and Osmar Nunez say they are grateful for the support they received from the dealership who sponsored them on this certification, Cambridge Centre Honda.

“We are also grateful to our team at CARSTAR Cambridge for being committed to the certification process,” says Allen. “This certification is all about providing customers with the best of quality in repairs and in customer service.”

Earlier this year, the CARSTAR LC Group's location in Brantford become the first Honda ProFirst certified store in the CARSTAR network.

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