Most of the vehicles covered under GM's latest recall are 2010 Chevrolet Cobalts.

By Mike Davey

Toronto, Ontario -- August 17, 2015 -- General Motors has announced a recall of 73,424 Chevrolet Cobalts in Canada and the US. The recall is due to a wiring issue that may interfere with deployment of the roof-mounted driver side airbag after a collision.

The majority of the recalled Cobalts are model year 2010. Most of the recalled vehicles are operating in the US, with 13,950 of the cars registered in Canada.

General Motors has indicated that dealers will inspect the problem and replace the faulty wiring at no extra cost.
The last year has seen a large number of recalls issued by General Motors. The delayed recall of 2.6 vehicles with defective ignition switches grabbed the most headlines, but GM has also recently recalled 780,000 crossover SUVs for a fault in the vehicles’ rear power lift gates and 196,379 Hummer SUVs suffering from overheating of ventilation fan motor controls. The company also recently issued a recall for 155,000 vehicles in India to solve a wiring problem.


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