San Diego, California -- August 11, 2015 -- Mitchell has released its Industry Trends Report (ITR) for the third quarter of 2015.

In this issue, Mitchell’s VP of Industry Relations, Greg Horn, looks into the data on the top 10 most frequently damaged parts to determine how often they are repaired versus replaced. Among the highlights, Horn found that while an impact that damages a fender often damages the hood, they often perform differently. Horn also notes that while we still haven't seen the full impact of aluminum hoods, we are already seeing aluminum hoods replaced at a higher rate than steel hoods.

Other highlights include a look at how collision claims, frequency and losses increased in 2014, an agreement between Takata and the US-based National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to expand airbag inflator recalls and the average length of rental for repairable vehicles.

According to the report, the average length of rental in Canada comes out to 10 days. Saskatchewan and Alberta top the list in the provincial numbers, with an average length of rental of 11.8 and 11.1 days respectively.

Please click here to access the full report now.


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