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 A painter works in a Symach equipped booth. A RoboDry Plus, one of the company's drying robots, is visible in the background.

By Jeff Sanford

Detroit, Michigan -- July 29, 2015 -- Those attending this year’s NACE show came from every corner of the US and Canada. Some even came from overseas. Flying in all the way from Italy were executives of Italian company, Symach. The CEO of the company, Osvaldo Bergaglio, explained that the company offers sophisticated paint-room installations, and is looking for business here.

“There’s much more room here unlike Europe where shops are very small, very crowded,” says Bergaglio.

The company is a global one and does business in Australia, Germany, UK, France and Belgium. Symach provided the largest MSO in Europe with its paint rooms. The company has been in North America for about a year.

The first installation of Symach equipment on this continent will be in Burlington, Ontario. A full Symach system (including FixLine formula) will be installed at CSN-CARS Collision, run by Nick Di Luca.

The Symach system partially automates the process of preparation, painting and drying by utilizing robots. According to Symach, the system being installed at CSN-CARS Collision will reduce the cost of repair signficantly and reducing key-to-key time to 1.5 days on average for more than 80 percent of the repairs.

Commenting on the difference between business in North America and Europe, Bergaglio suggested that, “The culture ... is anglo-saxon. This is the case in US, UK and Australia. Personal relations must be good in these countries. The anglo-saxon attitude is different than the Latin world, where it is just about the company. Here it is important to have a relationship. It goes beyond just the product. I like this.”

Symach’s systems are used in over 1,500 collision repair facilities each day. The company is also ISO 9002 certified. For more information, please visit symach.com.


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