Tony Scarrow, owner/operator of Fix Auto Chelmsford. The BWM depicted was refurbished for a Make-A-Wish client.    

Ottawa, Ontario -- December 22, 2014

Most people would be upset if someone had their car for over two months and wouldn't even tell them where it was. In this case, though, the owner wasn't just happy, but ecstatic.

Denis Faubert, the vehicle's owner, got the birthday surprise of a lifetime recently when his wish for a car makeover was granted by Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario, Fix Auto Chelmsford, and numerous suppliers who stepped up to donate products and parts.
The official reveal took place on December 13 at Fix Auto Chelmsford. Faubert, who suffers from a pancreatic disorder, saw his wish come to life after a birthday dinner with his family.

"There were eight or nine things on his car that he wanted done," says Tony Scarrow, owner/operator of Fix Auto Chelmsford. "Make-A-Wish said 'you can have three.' We looked at the budget, and looked at the list, and realized the budget wouldn't stretch very far."
However, everywhere he turned, Scarrow found people who wanted to help.

"He wanted a carbon fibre hood, so I called my supplier for stickers and decals, and he donated a carbon fibre wrap for the hood and roof. He wanted new windshield tint, so we called one of our windshield guys, and he donated the tint, removal of the old glass, and installation of the new glass. The headliner was old and ripped and needed to be replaced. We checked around, but we couldn't find a used one. We called a local guy again, and he said he could re-cover it. I mentioned that we were doing it for Make-A-Wish, and he stepped up to donate as well."

The list of donations goes on. NAPA Auto Parts kicked in with a starter, an alternator, a new hood, and supplied sandpaper, while Axalta supplied paint free of charge. Scarrow estimates that at least of the materials and parts that went into the vehicle were donated.
Faubert's vehicle is a BMW, meaning even aftermarket parts aren't cheap, and used parts are fairly rare.

"We needed some interior trim panels, and there was nobody in the Sudbury area who even had a BMW in their yard," says Scarrow. "I got the number for Corey Auto Wreckers in London, and asked if they had it. We had never been in touch with them ever before, but when when we said what we were doing, they also stepped up and donate the panels. That was probably the most surprising donation of all."

In total, Scarrow says that about 250 hours worth of labour went into reburbishing Faubert's BMW. The work done included new aftermarket bumpers, side skirts, new head and tail lights, rims, a new stereo, and a spoiler as a last minute addition.

"Guys in the shop donated their own time, on weekends and late nights, to make sure this came together," says Scarrow. "I was back on the bench myself for the first time in 10 years. The entire project was a group effort, and I'm very proud of the way our staff came together on this."

Fix Auto Chelmsford would like to thank all of the people and companies who helped with this project:

- Napa Auto Parts
- Axalta
- G-Tech
- Vision Auto Glass
- Witrak Auto Specialties
- R&L Upholstery
- Corey Auto Recyclers
- Yves Tourigny

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