By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario -- January 20, 2014 -- An investigation by CBC News has revealed that vehicle history reports from CarFax may be missing key information, such as collisions, auction info and damage estimates. 

The investigation was conducted by running the vehicle identification numbers of various used vehicles currently for sale at Canadian dealers through the CarFax site, and then again through CarProof. CarFax is a U.S. based company that provides reports on used vehicles. CarProof offers a similar service but is based out of Canada. 
CBC News reports that some vehicles originating in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia showed differences in reports from the two companies. Reports on cars from Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the U.S. did now show a discrepancy. 
In at least one case, a vehicle had a clean report from CarFax, but the CarProof report showed that the vehicle had sustained more than $17,000 in damage from previous collisions. 


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