New funding allocated for collision shops hiring new staff

By Mike Davey

Toronto, Ontario — October 7, 2013 — There’s money on the table for repairers willing to pick it up by hiring new people. New funding initiatives have just been announced by AYCE Employment Services and Collision Industry Information Assistance (CIIA) that allow employers to access as much as $17,800 in incentives.  

“This is an exciting day for collision repair shop owners looking to find more staffing and for young people looking for skilled trades employment,” said Nimo Abdulkadir of AYCE Employment Services regarding the announcement.
There are two new initiatives to help the industry find young workers. The first is an opportunity for shops to access up to $6,800 in employment incentives and a further $1,000 in training subsidies on the successful hiring of a young person into the industry. As most of those new employees become apprentices in the compulsory licensed trade of Auto Body and Collision Damage Repairer, the employer is also eligible for a further annual tax credit of up-to $10,000 in the form of the Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit.
“Shops that participate and hire a young person through this program will get at least $6,800 over the following four months,” says John Norris of CIIA. “One way to look at it as getting a person in for four months, and it’s only costing you $1.85 an hour.”
Currently, the funding is available for shops in the Toronto, Hamilton and London areas. Employers simply contact AYCE in Toronto, Mohawk College’s Employment Services in Hamilton or CES Fanshawe College in London to enroll, find their young worker and participate in the incentive funding. There are plans to make the funding available in other communities as well. 
Prospective employees available for hire are also invited to submit their names to these publicly funded agencies. 
In addition, AYCE Employment Services will serve as an human resources centre for collision repair, offering help to employers in pre-screening qualified candidates in the GTA. Employers can call AYCE at 416-491-7000, ext. 203 for more information. 
AYCE Employment Services will also match available workers to the needs of the collision repair industry and help handle the incentive grants, while providing continuing monitoring and support. 
Workers looking to enter industry apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship, auto painting, detailing or any collision repair career are welcome to register with AYCE in the GTA area.  Applicants in the Hamilton and London areas should contact their local college employment service at the coordinates listed below. 
Toronto: Marc Tremblay, AYCE, Auto Body Program, 416-491-7000 ext. 203. 
Hamilton: Joyce Filice, Mohawk College Employment Consultant, 905-575-2276
London: Karen Kloibhofer, Fanshawe College Job Developer, 519-432-1220, ext. 291
Questions regarding the new funding initiatives can be directed to John Norris, CIIA, at 1-866-309-4272 or via email to info@ciia.com, or to Marc Tremblay, AYCE, at 416-491-7000 ext. 203.

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