New fixtures for Toyota Camry, Lexus ES from Celette


Vaughan, Ontario — November 24, 2014 — Celette has announced the availability of fixture sets to repair both the new Toyota Camry XV and the Lexus ES.

The Toyota Camry XV50 is based on the same platform than the Toyota Camry XV40, but the mechanical rear was completely redesigned. This model is now a short wheelbase version of the Toyota Avalon XX40 and Lexus ES XV60.

The new Toyota Camry XV50 can be repaired with fixture 2594.509 from Celette. For the under frame control, Celette says to use MZ bracket set 2594.500.

This 6th generation Lexus ES, the XV60 shares the same platform as the Toyota Camry. However, the Lexus ES (XV60) is now based on the long version called Toyota Avalon XX40. Repairs should be performed using fixture set 2594.500, and with MZ bracket set 2594.500.

For more information including price, schematics, and availability, please visit celette.com.


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