New colour-matching technology arrives from Valspar

Valspar introduces new OEM colour matching technology.  

Minneapolis, Minnesota — July 28, 2014 — Valspar Automotive is excited to introduce its latest OEM colour matching technology for the automotive world: De Beer Mysterious Colours.

Automotive OEMs are using more advanced paint technologies, and the company says its offerings continue to be on the cutting edge of colour matching. De Beer Mysterious Colours offers state-of-the-art technology through colour-shifting pigments, which it says replicates these modern OEM paint effects.

De Beer Mysterious Colours work as a complementing additive to your existing De Beer Refinish products, including WaterBase 900+ and BeroBase 500 series.

“Valspar Automotive prides itself on color technology. These additives, which are very limited use, offer top quality color matching for some of the most challenging colors on the market today,” says Pete Willman, General Manager of Valspar Automotive North America.  

De Beer Mysterious Colours are currently available in five liquid colour additives:

  • 59-13 shifts from Warm Green to Warm Red
  • 59-14 shifts from Light Green to Bright Blue
  • 59-11 shifts from Violet to Green
  • 59-12 shifts from Blue/Green to Pink
  • 59-15 shifts from Russet Red to Green/Yellow

For more information, please visit De-Beer.com. To learn more about Valspar Automotive, you can visit them online at ValsparAuto.com


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