Mid-term grades are in!

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — September 28, 2018 — The mid-term grades are in from our survey sent out about what it’s like to work with each of Canada’s leading auto insurance companies.

As it stands right now, the average overall grade for most of the insurance companies in the survey is a B-.  ICBC and Mpi are within range of each other and still have a chance to receive a higher grade. 

The grades are based on the following three categories: billing payments, bodyshop relations and dispute management. Intact insurance received an 83 percent with billing payments, and Co-op received the highest numbers in the survey for the rest of the categories. As a result, Co-op has the best grade leading the class with an A-. 

The final grades are not in yet, so there is still time. The survey will be on-going until November, where we will then collect the final submissions and announce the best grade in the class. 



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