Micazen Consulting & Technologies to offer Leanstone Technology products

Vancouver, British Columbia — July 8, 2014 — Micazen Consulting and Technologies has officially announced an exclusive partnership with Leanstone Technology. Micazen Consulting and Technologies is now the exclusive Canadian and U.S. provider for Leanstone Technology’s automotive software solutions.

Sharon Ashley is the CEO of Micazen Consulting and Technologies. She is well known in the industry as the Business Development manager for the sales of the Summit management system in Canada for the last nine years.
Sharon Ashley, CEO of Micazen Consulting and Technologies.   
“I am still representing Houston Digital’s Summit collision repair system, but I now also have the opportunity to offer a great suite of software solutions that can enhance the Summit system or can be used as stand-alone software for any and all collision repair facilities,” says Ashley. 
Leanstone Technology is the creator of several software solutions, including CSIConnect, UpdateConnect and PhotoConnect. Leanstone Technology solutions are available in English, French, and Spanish. 
“It seems like a perfect fit for both companies,” says Paul Tseng, CEO of Leanstone Technology. “We can concentrate on producing the most innovative products possible while growing our presence amongst collision repair facilities.”
CSIConnect is built to help collision repair facilities track and manage their Customer Satisfaction Ratings electronically, which all insurance companies and networks are keeping a close eye on these days.
UpdateConnect is designed with communications and CSI in mind. The shop is able to electronically communicate the vehicle’s status during the repair process to the consumer, rental car company and the insurance company thus insuring that everyone stays updated while the vehicle is in the shop.
PhotoConnect is an application that allows Ricoh Cameras, Android Phones, and iPhones to wirelessly sort and transfer pictures to the shop’s server, plus backs up the pictures and sends them to UpdateConnect. A statement from the company says this system streamlines the process of maintaining fully documented files, including photos. 
For more information on the Micazen Consulting & Technologies, or to contact Sharon Ashley, please call 250-304-8998 or email to sashley@micazen.com. You can also visit the company website at micazen.com.

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