Mervyn’s The Body Shop in Kelowna B.C. adds to the growing list of shops switching to Symach systems

The new Symach FixStation at Mervyn’s The Body Shop.
By Harland Goulbourne
Kelowna, British Columbia — March 5, 2018 — Mervyn’s The Body Shop has joined the growing list of collision repair facilities to invest in hybrid FixLine which incorporate a time-saving theory of “everything under one roof,” according to the company responsible for the FixStations, Symach. 
Mervyn’s had its FixLine installed in February. “It’s spectacular,” says Jason Agostino, manager of Mervyn’s. “We’ve been a processed environment for years, with less than ideal tools.” The shop saw the tools Symach was developing and it was a perfect match. “We bought the whole line,” says Agostino. 
The features of the FixLine allow multi-skilled technicians to perform an average of four repairs per day without moving the vehicle. This results in one repair every two hours on average.
The workstation is equipped with a Flydry robot, paint mixing room, a vacuum sanding system and a Multibox with plugs for compressed air and electricity. To streamline the process even more, the Drytron portable gas catalytic dryer is available as an additional feature. 
For more information, visit symach.com. 

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