Meeting Mask Demand: SATA air star F

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— With mask supplies rerouted to front-line healthcare workers in recent months, painters have met challenges when securing proper PPE. Luckily, SATA is here to remind painters of its economical and reliable alternative in the SATA air star F half mask.

SATA air star F is a carbon filter half mask, designed to offer optimum protection from toxic, solid and liquid substances⁠—including organic solvent vapours, in addition to comfort and unrestricted mobility. 

SATA says the mask has an efficient triple-stage filter system, consisting of a pre-filter and particle filter with an activated charcoal cartridge. The mask features special filter combination A2: P3 RD for reliable respiratory protection, according to German standards.

SATA maintains that the anatomically correct shaped mask is made of dermatologically tested plastic and rubber mix that will fit any face shape perfectly. 

Further, users of the air star F should fear not about their contributions to single-use waste⁠—the company says the air star F’s filter exchange interval is 40 working hours, making it an economical alternative to paper-style masks.

Click here to learn more about the SATA air star F.

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