LORD introduces Versilok 271/331

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Cary, North Carolina — March 2, 2017 — LORD Corporation has announced the development of a two-component, epoxy-modified acrylic adhesive designed for bonding a variety of automotive sheet metals including hot-dip galvanized and electro-galvanized, bare and oily aluminum as well as cold-rolled steel.

LORD Versilok 271/331 two-component acrylic adhesive can be either room-temperature cured or heat-cured (around 80-degrees Celsius) for faster processing. The adhesive features glass beads which LORD says provides a strong mechanical lock that prevents shifting of substrate panels. The adhesive utilizes non-sagging rheology that LORD says replaces the need for spot welding.

Versilok 271/331 two-component acrylic adhesive develops a high-strength bond in less than one hour at room temperature, faster than the previous version, Versilok 265/254. According to a statement from the company, this eliminates metal warpage caused by high-curing induction temperatures. The adhesive bonds exceptionally well through the various stamping lubricants typically present on metals, eliminating the need for advance cleaning and surface preparation.   

Other product features include environmental resistance to moisture, sunlight, salt spray, and thermal cycling; and the adhesive contains an odour suppressant.

For more information, please visit lord.com.


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