LJ Peters hosts ‘Amazing Race’ in Whistler

Attendees of the LJ Peters 13th Annual Summit on the steps of the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, prior to the start of the 'Amazing Race' a team building event that saw attendees engage in a massive scavenger hunt around Whistler.

By Jeff Sanford

Whistler, British Columbia — October 14, 2015 — Calgary-based LJ Peters held its 13th Annual Summit meeting in Whistler last week. The company is a warehousing firm supplying body shop supplies to jobbers throughout Western Canada. The summit is an annual tradition for the firm, designed to show appreciation for clients, as well as to give those clients access to reps from major manufacturers. The family-run firm operates four warehouses in western Canada and recently appointed Leigh Peters as CEO. Customers were able to offer congratulations to the new chief executive in the lovely setting of the scenic mountain resort of Whistler, BC.

About 50 people attended this year’s event. Customers mingled with reps from various suppliers including PPG and 3M, along with LJ Peters staffers. The event kicked off with a welcome dinner. The next day featured meetings with manufacturers. Afterward there were some fun team-building events. One of these was an “Amazing Race” style game that had attendees and their spouses compete in what was, basically, a giant treasure hunt around Whistler.

LJPetersSummit2 LG   

Carl Brittain of Caruk & Associates gives a product demonstration as part of the

‘Amazing Race’ event.


It is no surprise to hear Keith Koroll, a PBE jobber, had a great time. “It was a fabulous event. Whistler was a ton of fun. We had some meetings. We heard about the new trends and products in the industry. And then we had some team building exercises, including the scavenger hunt, that our team won,” says Koroll. “It was nice social evening with the suppliers and manufacturers. Four members of the Squamish [First Nations] band put on a drumming circle. I go every year. It’s a lot of fun.”

LJ Peters chose Whistler this year, on the basis that it would be the perfect place to shift the focus away from the sort of sit down meetings the company has run in past years. According to Leigh Peters the Whistler location led to a more “collegial, team-building atmosphere.”

From the looks of the pictures, this was the perfect choice. It certainly impressed Murray Doerksen. Doerksen is with Spectrum Coatings, a paint and autobody supply firm with three locations in Manitoba.

“I had a very good time,” he says “We have been there for 12 of the last 13 years. We appreciate the event. It combined thoughtful planning and top notch accommodations. The weather was great. The venue was a quality one. LJ Peter does a really job, and we appreciate the appreciation.”

Doerksen went on to say that he also appreciated the chance to meet representatives of the manufacturers. He mentioned that 3M, PPG, and Specialty Sales were the three anchor suppliers supporting the event.

“You can do some business with them. Because the event is well-attended, these three vendors send their best people. There are people there that we would not normally have access to,” said Doerkson. “The business side is important. It’s not just going out and having fun. There is the relationship-building side of it as well.” This is important to Doerksen. “The relationship-building side of it is all-important for me. LJ Peters is a family-owned business. I’m a family owned business, so we have the same sensibilities and outlook. The relationship is not confrontational or adversarial. It’s conversational. There are loyalties here. This event only makes that bond a little tighter. We’re privileged to be a part of it.”

For more information, please visit ljpeters.com.


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