Linking love to the vehicle you drive

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — February 13, 2019 – A new study from autoTRADER.ca found that when it comes to dating, the type of vehicle you drive and how long you have owned it displays how “relationship-ready” you might appear to a date. This is also reflective in the automotive trends that are seen in the industry.

Nearly half of all Canadians showed that SUV drivers are the most commitment-friendly and exotic sports cars are associated with short-term flings.

“These findings are in line with the automotive trends we’re seeing in the industry; we saw a significant year-over-year increase in new SUV listings in last year’s top 10 most searched vehicles across Canada, according to our site search data,” says Michael Bettencourt, managing editor, autoTRADER.ca

One unexpected indicator for those on the hunt for love, is how long a person has kept their car. More than half of Canadian car owners reported keeping their vehicle for eight or more years, driving it for as long as it will go. Sixty-one percent of this group, also reported wanting to take their relationships slow and steady, going on ten or more dates before making a commitment.

The survey also showed that only 24 percent of respondents who settle on a car right away reported that they are looking for a longterm relationship. 

Among all the provinces in Canada, Atlantic Canadians are the most likely to associate car ownership with marriage potential. For Ontario drivers, they are most likely to be stuck on a single car brand for more than 15 years compared to the national average.


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