Lambo goes out for a spin…literally!

Lambo snow spin out
Vancouver B.C. — February 26, 2018 — Vancouver’s recent snowfall had most drivers paying extra attention to the road. Most, but not all. One, whose Lamborghini bore the N badge of a novice driver, apparently took the concerns of weathermen as something of a challenge, one that ended in his spinning off the road and into a tree.
With more than 10cm of snow falling on Canada’s warmest metropolitan area, the young luxury car driver was not the only victim of slippery roads. According to reports, the RCMP was called out to 22 collisions during Thursday’s downfall. While it is unclear how many insurance claims will result from the day’s wild weather, executives at the struggling Insurance Company of B.C. are unlikely to enjoy the winter wonderland as much as bodyshop owners.



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