into the electric era

Breaking down electric vehicle repair and recycling

what you'll hear:

Electric vehicles utter all kinds of reactions from the members of Canada’s automotive aftermarket. Some shudder at the thought of high-voltage vehicles, while others can’t wait to get their hands on the tech. No matter your opinion, one thing is for sure: the era of vehicle electrification is upon us, and you better be ready.

Join Collision Repair magazine on February 24 at 2 p.m. Eastern Time for an exclusive webinar with David Giles, the co-founder of AllEV Canada and Steve Fletcher, managing director of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada, to learn how the aftermarket can begin to wrap its head around what lays ahead in electric vehicle repair and recycling.


Like it or not, electric vehicles are the future. They may not be in your bay tomorrow, but it's only a matter of time.


Seeking EV or hybrid training, but unsure where to start? David Giles and Steve Fletcher delve into the details of learning avenues.


The feds want to end the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2030. Is it a pipe dream or reality? Giles and Fletcher weigh in.


Does the idea of working with high-voltage vehicles make your stomach turn? Let EV expert David Giles dismantle your worries.


Tune in for Steve Fletcher's updates on ongoing projects from the ARC and how they aim to educate the industry.

live q&A

Ask all your electric vehicle questions, live and on the air—the experts likely have your answer.


Steve Fletcher is the managing director of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada, an umbrella group of seven recycling associations representing 400 auto recyclers across Canada. Fletcher is also executive director of the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Assocation (OARA), a 180-member industry association. He has been active in the automotive recycling sector since 1992 and has spearheaded several programs for the industry, including the development and implementation of the Canadian Automotive Recyclers’ Environmental Code; auto recyclers’ involvement with the National Scrappage program called Retire Your Ride; vehicle take-back and retirement programs with three Canadian auto manufacturers and many other beneficial initiatives.
Steve Fletcher
Managing Director, Automotive Recyclers of Canada
Involved in the automotive, truck and transport and collision industries for more than 30 years, David Giles is the co-founder of AllEV Canada. He first started working with high voltage vehicles in 2004, training repairers and refinishers on hybrid technology sensitivities in the paint booth. In 2019, Giles started AllEV Canada with the goal of providing affordable electric vehicles to Atlantic Canada and beyond, later acquiring Pure EV, an EV dealer in P.E.I. In July 2021, Steele Auto Group purchased AllEV Canada, adding the company to its roster of 52 new car dealers, seven used car dealers, eight collision centres and three powerhouse dealers.
David Giles
Allison Rogers is a reporter and editor with Media Matters. She reports on the collision repair industry daily and regularly contributes to the company's host of magazines, including Collision Repair magazine, Bodyworx Professional, Canadian Auto Recycler and Collision Quebec. Allison is also the host of the Collision Repair magazine podcast, Industry Insider.
Allison Rogers
Collision Repair magazine


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