Innovative Imaging: Impact Auto Auctions launches 360 view technology

Mississauga, Ontario — The leading digital global marketplace, Impact Auto Auctions LTD., has announced the launch of Impact 360 View, innovative imaging technology that allows online vehicle buyers to see a 360 view of a vehicle’s exterior and interior. 

The idea is to provide a buyer with an interactive visual, similar to the experience a customer would get in-person. This technology was also launched in the U.S. earlier this year.

All Impact locations in Canada will offer Impact 360 View for vehicles twelve years old and newer, unique classics, high-end vehicles and exotics. The benefits of this technology are enhancing imagery, zoom and pan capabilities as well as views beyond 5MB HD providing viewing of the critical areas of the internal and external of the vehicle. 

“We are very excited to enhance our best-in-class merchandising offering for our Canadian customers through the launch of Impact 360 View,” said Blair Earle, Managing Director of Impact. “Impact 360 View offers an enriched vehicle research, bidding and buying experience for our buyers as well as a more accurate visual and improved asset merchandising environment for our vehicle sellers, driving additional bids and higher returns.”

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