In the Spirit of Spooky: DIY car mods for Halloween

Toronto, Ontario — It’s officially spooky season—and some drivers are especially keen to celebrate.

It’s a common trend to see drivers install Halloween-themed decor to celebrate the fear of the season. Think bloody handprint stickers, red splatter paint jobs done haphazardly in backyards, open trunks or boots with plastic body parts hanging out—you know, things you normally see on a Sunday afternoon drive.

This one is actually a wrap job, but you get our point. | PHOTO from REDDIT

Though drivers should be weary of what they’re putting on their vehicle; place that spooky sticker one millimetre to the right and ever-so-slightly obscure the driver’s vision—you could catch a fine.

Unless those stones are firmly planted, this ride won’t pass. | PHOTO by Al Macks, Presidio of Monterey Public Affairs.

While there are few specific rules about trunks remaining open while a vehicle is in motion, authorities come to consensus that all loads must be secured. So, in essence, you can tow around all the spooky Halloween decor you’d like, so long as everything is wrapped tighter than a mummy.

Another popular way Halloween enthusiasts like to turn heads: popping a skeletal figure or dummy body in the passenger seat.

Download Skeleton Meme In The Car Wallpaper | Wallpapers.com

We have but one piece of wisdom for anyone who spots this eerie behaviour: strategically placed shadows can trick even the smartest of pedestrians.

For drivers keen to attach a bony stowaway to the exterior of their vehicle; please refer back to our first point on secure loads. And let’s not get too crazy; that maximum height for a passenger vehicle is between four and five metres.

Looking for more creepy Halloween mods? Check out our weekly Can You Believe This?! to spot our faves.



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