MADD Canada: Impaired, bad drivers to benefit from Ontario insurance plan

Oakville, Ontario — December 9, 2013 — Rather than rewarding good drivers, Ontario’s proposed insurance reduction plan will award the biggest cost savings to bad drivers and impaired drivers, according to a statement from MADD Canada. 

MADD Canada says the province of Ontario has committed to reducing insurance rates by 15 percent over the next two years. However, there is no distinction between good drivers and bad or high-risk drivers when the reduction is applied.

“Rewarding good drivers with lower insurance rates is a great idea, but an across-the-board reduction means the biggest benefit, in terms of dollars saved, is going to the dangerous and unsafe drivers, including impaired drivers,” says MADD Canada Executive Officer Andrew Murie. “That is hardly fair to the safe and responsible drivers, nor do we believe it is the intended purpose of the insurance reduction plan.”

Increased insurance rates are part of the consequences of impaired driving, or other serious traffic convictions. It adds a certain deterrent value and makes people think twice about doing it again because of the high costs associated with it.

“Why should someone who has disregarded the law and driven impaired, or committed other serious traffic violations, receive the same discount as a safe and responsible driver?” Murie says. “The government needs to reassess its approach here to ensure that only the good and responsible drivers benefit from the 15 percent reduction.”

For more information on MADD Canada, please visit the organization online at MADD.ca.



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