NOV 18 2021 2 P.M. EST

EV and Shifts to the Vehicle Ecosystem

With David Rymarz – IAA, Inc

what you'll hear:

The EV landscape is ever evolving. Manufacturers, fleet and rental companies, insurance companies, collision repairers, parts suppliers and the like are all needed to learn, understand and prepare for the changes EV will bring to the broader industry. A steadily growing population of EV vehicles could shift factors from driving behavior, accident rates, insurance claims, collision repair trend and vehicle auction dynamics. IAA Vice President of Data Analytics, Business Development & Corporate Strategy David Rymarz takes a look at how EV could make shifts to the overall vehicle ecosystem and what trends we should focus on going forward.


How will EVs change driving behaviours? How will collision claims be altered in the electric era? Repair dynamics and auctions are also sure to change—do you know what to expect?


The Canadian government wants to end gas-powered vehicle sales by 2035; how long before EVs are truly the standard? IAA weighs in.


Have some thoughts on the state of electrification? Share your feedback during the session!


With an international outlook, IAA is prepared to educate on all automotive fronts. Tune in to hear IAA's international predictions and how you can thrive on electric avenue!


EVs will shift the entire automotive ecosystem. If you're part of the automotive industry, you will see change. IAA will help narrow your focus on what matters most in your business.


Looking to learn more about EV implications? Ask Impact Auto Auctions LIVE on the air!


David Rymarz is the Vice President of Data Analytics, Business Development & Corporate Strategy for IAA, Inc. (NYSE: IAA). He is responsible for leading data analytics for the company, for evaluation, execution and implementation of business development and acquisition initiatives, and for strategic planning. Before IAA, David was with KAR Global as Vice President of Data Insights and was part of the initial team at DRIVIN as Vice President of Operations Strategy. He has had a progressive career in operations and extensive experience in the auto industry. David holds an MBA from Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management with a focus in Analytics, Innovation and Finance.
David Rymarz, Vice President of Data Analytics, Business Development & Corporate Strategy for IAA, Inc.
Allison Rogers is a reporter and editor with Media Matters. She reports on the collision repair industry daily and regularly contributes to the company's host of magazines, including Collision Repair magazine, Bodyworx Professional, Canadian Auto Recycler and Collision Quebec. Allison is also the host of the Collision Repair magazine podcast, Industry Insider.
Allison Rogers, Collision Repair magazine


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