I-CAR introduces two new Hands-On Skills courses


BY CRM Staff

Ottawa, Ontario — October 24, 2017 — I-CAR has announced the introduction of two new courses to its Hands-On Skills Development series: Plastic Repair and Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding.

The Hands-On Skills development curriculum was first introduced by I-CAR in 2016, and was specifically designed to provide collision repair technicians with cutting-edge techniques and skills that target today’s innovative vehicles. The two new courses are in addition to the previously introduced Rivet Bonding and MIG Brazing courses.

Plastic Repair Hands-On Skills Development is a four-hour course that will provide students the opportunity to perform a variety of plastic repairs in a hands-on environment. Students will use adhesives, and various welding options on actual bumper covers.

Upon completion of the course, I-CAR says students will be able to perform plastic repairs using adhesives, hot air, and airless welding techniques using specific welding tools, and other procedures.

Meanwhile, Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding Hands-On Skills Development is a five-hour course that will provide students the opportunity to perform spot welds on a variety of metal thicknesses and with a variety of flange treatment techniques. Students will also learn the importance of proper planning and preparation to ensure safe welding.

I-CAR said following course completion, students will know how to properly set up a spot welder, spot weld on coupons of different metal thickness, and spot weld a prop using a variety of flange treatment techniques.

“I-CAR understands the changing needs of today’s vehicles, new attachment methods, and OEM-required procedures, which prompted the creation of the Hands-On Skills Development curriculum track last year,” said Josh McFarlin, I-CAR’s Director of Curriculum and Product Development.

“Technicians and the industry need this type of hands-on, instructor-led training with adequate practice time in order to fully understand these complex repair procedures. I-CAR’s training programs have been developed to provide the most comprehensive instruction and critical skill development opportunities.”

More information about the new courses, which are available now, can be found at i-car.com/handson


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