Hyundai’s solar power roof arrives

Toronto, Ontario — August 6, 2019 — Collision technicians may soon find themselves operating on solar-powered vehicles.

Hyundai has designed a roof-mounted solar panel able to provide a vehicle with up to 1,300 km of charge each year– or about 3.5 km of charger-free driving per day.

“Solar roof technology is a good example of how Hyundai  is moving towards becoming a clean mobility provider,” said Heui Won Yang, senior vice president and head of the body tech unit at Hyundai.”The technology allows our customers to actively tackle emissions issue.”

The solar roof will be available for the 2020 Sonata Hybrid. Hyundai has announced plans to release similar technologies across its model range in the coming years.

Made of silicon solar panels, the roof-mounted system can charge while the vehicle is in service. While no repair procedures are yet known for the solar roofs on vehicles, several companies already exist to repair more traditional solar panels.

According to Ontario-based SunFlow Solar, its own solar panels have already proven resistant to dangers known to send car roofs to the repair facility.

“Panels are designed to withstand Canadian winters including wind up to 220 km/h,” the company boasts on its website. “The modules we use can withstand one inch (2.5 cm) hailstones at 50 mph (80.5 kph).”

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