High Noon: Texas proposes bounty hunting vehicles parked in bike lanes

Austin, Texas — Officials in Texas are proposing a new law turning local cyclists into potential bounty hunters: thankfully, they’re more bicycle-dad than desperado.

Dubbed the Bike Blockage Program, cyclists who report vehicles obstructing bike lanes are entitled to a quarter of the revenue collected from vehicles hit with citations. Under current city ordnance, cars may only be cited if parked in front of bike lanes with no parking signs.

Despite the intimidating implications, Texas is far from the first to empower citizens with judicial powers against selfish drivers on the road. Similar programs are already in effect in New York City, where citizens could report idling commercial vehicles for a reward.

In an interview with the Austin Monitor, Mario Champion, Urban Transportation Commission chair, said “the city spends millions of dollars to make these facilities, and these facilities get blocked all of the time.”

“A successful transportation system doesn’t just move cars, it moves people.”


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