Herkules Equipment upgrades Sparkle Clean aerosol paint cleaner

The Sparkle Clean Aerosol Paint Cleaner will allow users to easily switch between wide and narrow stream options.

Walled Lake, Michigan — June 23, 2017 — Herkules says it has added some substantial features and capabilities to the Sparkle Clean aerosol paint cleaner. The aerosol paint cleaner will now include a new cap that features two stream options: wide or narrow. With the flip of a lid, users of the product will now be able to switch between targeting wide areas and narrow chambers. A statement from the company says the new product is ffective with both solvent and waterborne paints. 

“we wanted to provide more cleaning options, and the new cap allows us to do just that,” said Kevin Prost, Vice President of Herkules. “Sparkle Clean already offers a narrow stream through an attached straw; our new cap retained that option, but also enabled shops to clean a larger area quickly and efficiently, with a simple adjustment.” 

Established in 1984, Herkules Equipment produces three distinct product lines for three distinct industries. Their products support the automotive paint and body repair industries, the oil change and tire services markets and the assembly and manufacturing industries. 

For more information, please visit herkules.us.    


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