Harbor Freight Tools offering new, affordable professional welder series

The new Vulcan Master Welder Series from Harbor Freight Tools.
By CRM Staff
Toronto, Ontario — February 7, 2018 — Recently released from Harbor Freight Tools is the new Vulcan Master Welder Series. The series offers professional-grade welding equipment at an affordable price. The tools were designed for professional welders and offer all the performance features you would expect as such.
According to Harbor Freight tools, the new line of MIG, TIG and stick welders are designed to perform at the top level for bottom dollar. The development team included engineers, career welders and designers chosen from leading welder manufacturers. The welders are intended to be simple enough that a beginner welder could use them, but with all the functionality needed by the pros. According to Harbor Freight Tools, the line features best‐in‐class inverter technology, allowing for better arc control, higher efficiencies and a light-weight machine. Designed to be ultra-portable, the welders have dual-handle technology. 
The line’s lead machine the Vulcan OMNIPRO220 is an all‐purpose welder designed for TIG, MIG, stick and flux welds. It is promoted as ideal for contractors and small fabrication shops. Featuring dual voltage technology with 120 volt or 240 volt input capabilities, the OMNIPRO220 has a duty cycle of 200 amps at 25 percent. Showing off a larger 4.3‐inch LCD display, there are 132 pre‐loaded welding programs on its memory, with an additional feature allowing for instant recall of welder settings. The OMNIPRO220 retails for $799.99.
The PROTIG200 AC/DC is designed for best‐in‐class TIG aluminum performance. With advanced features and an intuitive interface, the PROTIG220 has dual voltage technology and TIG and DC stick from a single power source for ultimate versatility. It retails for $899.99.
The PROTIG165 TIG/Stick welder is a portable and lightweight 20‐pound welder with dual voltage technology. Designed with a high frequency arc starting for ultimate arc quality, it has built‐in pulsing for increasing travel speeds and minimal distortion. It retails for $599.99.
The MIGMAX140 MIG and MIGMAX215 MIG feature an industrial‐grade, cast aluminum wire feed system. Both are spool gun ready, with no adapter required, and both have advanced arc starting technology for smooth, spatter‐free starts, featuring a tool‐free design for easy process or wire changeover. The MIGMAX215 MIG has dual voltage technology and an advanced synergic feature that sets parameters automatically. The MIGMAX140MIG retails for $499.99 and the MIGMAX215MIG retails for $599.99.
The COMMANDER225 is a garage warrior workhorse designed for easy operation, with a front‐mounted AC/DC polarity switch. According to the company, a built‐in overload indicator protects the transformer, while precise amperage control allows for infinite amperage adjustment. It retails for $399.99.
A full line of Vulcan accessories and consumables, including TIG torches and MIG guns, spool guns, wire, rods, electrodes, gloves and helmets as well as a large welding cabinet are also available on the Harbor Freight Tools website.
For more information visit harborfreight.com.
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