Guniwheel Universal Tire & Wheel Mounting System

Universal Tire & Wheel Mounting System

Guniwheel is described as the world’s first universal vehicle and trailer mounting system that works like a spare tire. By using Guniwheel instead of a jack stand to mount a vehicle, the vehicle can remain mobile. Designed to make moving vehicles out of bays and off of lifts safer and faster. With the wheels able to be safely operated at maximum speed of five miles-per-hour (8 km-per-hour), the company says the tire replacement can handle loads of up to 1290 lbs (585 kg). Weighing just 14KG/30Lbs, the tire can be mounted on all four axle locations. According to the manufacturers, the system can work in cold weather, and is able to work with most OEM vehicle nuts and bolts.

For more information, visit For information on purchasing the Guniwheel, contact Carcone’s Auto Recycling ( a 905-773-5778 or 1-800-263-2022.

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