Going Vintage: ICBC loses faxed medical forms three times, says B.C. man

Vancouver, British Columbia – A British Columbia man with an expiring Class 1 license claims that the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) lost his medical faxes three times, after attempting to renew his license for more than a year.

In an interview with Global News, Dean Germo explained how his troubles with ICBC began as early as 2021, when he faxed a medical reportsomething that he has done with ICBC every three years, as per the Class 1 license requirements.

He proceeded to receive several letters in the mail warning him to send in a medical form, where he says that more forms were faxed to ICBC through him and his doctor.

“They’re telling me at ICBC from now on, you should always bring the hard copy because (the forms are) going missing all over,” said Germo.

He clarifies that he was unable to email the form, and was instructed to fax it over.

“Now my temporary 60-day permit is going to expire in three days,” he said. “I phoned ICBC again and they said, ‘Oh, we’re way behind. You’re going to have to go stand in line at ICBC again to get in there because the booking is two weeks down.’”

In a statement to Global News, ICBC said they were sorry for the delay and confirmed Germo now has his licence upgraded to a Class 1.


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