GM approves Spanesi-America’s structural repair systems for CT6 and all GM vehicles

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Naperville, Illinois — December 5, 2015 — General Motors has approved Spanesi’s Benches and the Superstar Universal Jig system for structural repairs for the all-new Cadillac CT6. In addition to GM’s approval for the CT6, GM has approved Spanesi Benches to repair all GM vehicle models throughout Canada and the US.

GM requires all facilities to use an approved holding system, with an approved bench, to repair collision damage on the CT6. Structural repair parts for the CT6 are only being distributed to GM certified shops that have approved tools and equipment. In addition, technicians must attend approved training to qualify for the CT6 certification.

“We are proud to be approved by GM for not only the Cadillac CT6, but for use on all GM vehicles,” said Tim Morgan, Managing Director of Spanesi-Americas. “Built with aluminum and high strength steels, the Cadillac CT6 requires the vehicle to be anchored securely using structural or suspension locations instead of the traditional pinch weld locations. Spanesi’s Superstar Universal Jig system easily meets these requirements, without having to purchase new equipment or rent fixtures.”

The Superstar Universal Jig fixtures allow anchoring, measuring and fixturing the vehicle in secure structural areas and suspension positions avoiding the use of clamps on the pinch welds. Up to twelve locations can be used during the repair process for anchoring, holding and measuring.

The Superstar Universal Jig fixtures also incorporate the McPherson measuring system for suspension parts. A statement from Spanesi says mounting and disassembly operations are extremely fast and can be accomplished by a single technician. The Superstar Universal Jig system comes as a single unit with its own rolling cabinet that can be easily placed close to the vehicle undergoing repairs.

“Interchangeability and interoperability of Spanesi tools and equipment across the entire product line has been the differentiator between Spanesi and our competitors,” said Morgan. “At Spanesi, we continue to innovate our product lines to allow our customers to continually evolve their productivity and efficiency.”

For more information about Spanesi Structural Benches and the Superstar Universal Jig system, please visit spanesi.com.


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