GFS partners with RollSeal to offer affordable fabric roll-up doors


By CRM Staff

Osseo, Wisconsin — October 27, 2017 — Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) has partnered with RollSeal Automated Door Systems to offer a space and cost-saving roll-up door option for paint booths and other finishing equipment. 

In a statement released by GFS, the company said RollSeal Doors can be installed easily at a booth’s entrance or exit, or positioned between bays in sidelined booth systems.

By eliminating the extra space needed for traditional swing or wing-style doors, RollSeal Doors minimizes the total equipment footprint and saves valuable floor space. The statement added: “An alternative to traditional metal roll-up doors, RollSeal Doors save costs because they require
less structural support.”

The patented design features a triple-layered fabric door with an airtight seal to prevent overspray and heat from escaping the booth, and keep contaminants out of paint jobs. In addition to lower upfront costs, GFS said RollSeal Doors costs less to maintain since the impact-resistant fabric can be repaired or replaced at a “significantly” lower cost.

As with all of GFS’ equipment, RollSeal Doors are built in compliance with NFPA, UL/CUL and
ETL/ETL-C safety standards, and can be safely used in paint spraying and curing applications.

For more information on RollSeal Doors, visit gfs.global/RollSeal.


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