Gesture of Goodw-eld: Pro Spot offering rebates on welders for all of November

Pro Spot Canada is offering free I-CAR training with the purchase of one of the company's SP-2 or SP-5 Pulse MIG Welders.

Carlsbad, California – While virtual tradeshows may be keeping the team at Pro Spot from being able to physically connect with their customers, the California-based welding pioneers are still finding ways to reach out with initiatives like their upcoming rebate program.

Pro Spot is offering rebates for up to $3,000 USD on many of their products, ranging from plastic welders to MIG welders and their popular spot welders, only from Nov. 1-30.

President and founder of Pro Spot International, Ron Olsson, sees this program as an opportunity to make up for not being able to directly meet and interact with customers at this year’s SEMA event, which is to be held entirely online this year.

“SEMA fills up my tank; it inspires me, it gives me a chance to develop new ideas by talking to those of you directly using our equipment. If I can’t be with you all in person, we want you to know that we are still just as dedicated to providing you new products, services and great savings opportunities to fit you and your business’ needs,” said Olsson in a press release from Wednesday.

Pro Spot has a more detailed breakdown of available rebates on their website.


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