General Motors to use carbon fibre in next generation of pickup trucks

GM carbon fiber

By CRM Staff

Detroit, Michigan — December 8, 2017 — The next generation of General Motors’ (GM) pickup trucks will use a mix of carbon fibre, aluminium, and steel, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. It is expected that the company’s higher-end versions of the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado trucks could feature the use of carbon fibre.

The new trucks, which are slated for sale next year, are expected to use costly but lightweight carbon fibre to create the beds on high-end pickups. The vehicles will use aluminium doors and a high-strength steel cabin.

The Wall Street Journal reported that carbon fiber is at least 50-75 percent lighter than steel and 20-50 percent lighter than aluminum, claiming the material is today reserved mostly for exotic sports cars. The material is also expected to include dent resistance.

It is expected that GM will reveal the next-generation of 2019 Silverado and GMC Sierra within the coming weeks, and start selling the models in dealerships next autumn. A carbon fibre pickup box is under development and expected to be offered on higher-priced pickup trucks in late 2019, the Wall Street Journal reported.

General Motors sells some 800,000 models of pickup trucks each year, so collision repairers should prepare for broader adoption of the material across the auto industry.

The news comes after Lamborghini announced it would move away from carbon fiber with the launch of its new Urus SUV, which will be priced at $200,000. The company claims the vehicle is the world’s first “super sport utility vehicle.”


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