From the bodyshop to the corner office with CARSTAR’s Collin Welsh

CARSTAR's Collin Welsh was named director of franchise development for Canada last month.

By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario — May 4, 2018 — In April, CARSTAR promoted Collin Welsh to serve as the director of franchise development for Canada.

Welsh joined CARSTAR just six years ago, with his efforts focused in Eastern and Northern Ontario, cultivating relationships with CARSTAR franchise partners, enacting strategic growth plans in order to develop them into successful multi-storeowners. His involvement in the automotive industry, however, did not start with CARSTAR.

With beginnings as a mechanic, becoming a manager with the auto service industry, OEMs and at rental companies until eventually joining CARSTAR’s executive ranks, Welsh could be described as something of a lifer.

Now responsible for overseeing the opening of new stores, leading mergers and acquisitions as well as finding new franchise candidates, Welsh’s schedule is no open book. He did, however, take the time to share some advice aimed at anyone else looking to mirror his shop floor to corner office career, with CRM.

Rather than distancing the role he has today from his earlier career, Welsh believes his time as a mechanic was vital to his later successes. In fact, he is credits much of his position to the lessons of the shop floor.

“To say I have learned a lot would be an understatement. As a mechanic, I sometimes found it hard to see how I fit into the bigger picture,” says Welsh. “Thankfully for me, my superiors valued my eagerness to learn more about the industry, and took time to educate me.”

When it comes to offering candid wisdom to young mechanics interested in expanding their career horizons, Welsh believes that good things happen to those who show their eagerness.

“Telling your managers you are hungry to learn more, proving you are not afraid to try new things and actively staying engaged in your work is really my best advice,” he says. 

Welsh also believes that his advice applies to those with ambitions beyond the boardroom. In fact, he is quite certain that working in a bodyshop is a strong foundation for an immense number of careers.

“There is an incredible world of possibilities out there that you may not even know of,” he says, adding: “I certainly had no idea I would end up here, but I am grateful that I always asked questions and tried new things, which truly helped my career evolve.”

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