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Toronto, Ontario – August 17, 2018 — Last week City News reported that a family from Milton had left their vehicle at Park ‘N Fly in Toronto while off on a vacation. But when they returned to their vehicle it had been stripped of the tires and rims. The back window was smashed as well as the tail lights, and there was extensive damage to the vehicle. The doors wouldn’t open, and the interior was completely ram sacked. This would result to thousands of dollars in damages.
The owner of the vehicle told City News that when she returned to her vehicle at 2 a.m. she found her truck on the ground.  
Despite the security surveillance all over the lot, the Park n Fly staff working that night supposedly told her that this happens all the time and it’s best not to park vehicles of value in that parking lot.
The Insurance Bureau of Canada said if the owner of the vehicle has comprehensive or all perils coverage on their policy and their vehicle has been broken into and something has been stolen then yes, the insurance will cover the costs.
Last week a woman in Massachusetts had managed to land her vehicle on top of two others in a parking lot. The woman claimed that she lost control of her SUV after her flip-flop got stuck in the pedals. She then drove over a curb and on top of two cars. No one was hurt, but the driver was nailed for a negligent operation.
Amazon announced the launch of tool kits to integrate Alexa into cars. The Alexa Auto SDK is now available to purchase through GitHub. This includes streaming media, smart home controls, weather reports, and support for Alexa’s thousands of third-party skills. New features are also added such as navigation and search for drivers.
In the U.S. a woman had reported her vehicle stolen, not just once, but twice in the span of two months. The first time her car was stolen was while parked in front of her house with the keys in the engine. But the thief decided to return her vehicle without the keys. Her 2015 Chrysler 200 was stolen again last week, this time with her wallet.
One of the most interesting stories that was reported  this summer was a naked man driving a Canada Post vehicle, which resulted in a multi-vehicle crash on Crowchild Trail. The naked man hit eight vehicles before going into a convenience store.. naked. It is unknown as to whether the driver was a Canada Post employee or someone who stole the vehicle.
A man in Quebec decided to steal a police car and go on a little joy ride with it until he was chased and eventually arrested. In Boischatel a municipality near Montmorency, Quebec, a man decided to smash the window of a police car, hop in and drive away. The Sûreté du Québec was on the chase alongside the Quebec City Police Service and other local officials. The chase proceeded on highway 40, where he continued his joy ride until 6:30 a.m. when he stopped in the parking lot of a restaurant.

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