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Survey response

1 year 6 months ago #2 by Charlie
Survey response was created by Charlie
Let’s talk about OEM Certifications. There are two kinds. One the OEM’s themselves have put together to insure a safe and quality repairs. The others are those that independent companies have put together for the good of lining their own pockets. From talking to shops they seem to understand working with the OEM themselves is very powerful and good for the collision repair center involved.

Each collision center is selected by the dealers. As for the independent companies one is better than the other. The better one is a company that is helpful and happy to help you with signing up with their program if you would like to.

Now for collusion in the repair industry the last one will use tactics like if you are not going to sign up with us we will find another shop that will. So how did this program get started here in Canada in the first place. Well here’s what really happened. There are certain parties that used their influence with ccif to have the program here. It’s sad that in this day and time we allow this type of behavior, if you’re thinking about signing up with one of these programs, well the first one is and good choice. Choice # two is a gentlemen approach. As for the last option well let’s remember just because these individuals have gave time in the past for the good of the industry they have no right to use their influence to line their own pockets with money. As for the shops on the program lets remember the company we keep reflects who we are. Any shop with money can be part of the program. The best advice I can give if you’re thinking of signing up for this program or are being bullied. Just say no, to stop the collision from continuing, if you are on the program when your year runs out do not renew.

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