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By CRM staff
Toronto, Ontario — December 17, 2018 — Valérie Véronneau, owner of Fix Auto’s Coaticook and Sherbrook East shop locations in Quebec, is the first Fix Auto franchise partner to have Fix Auto, NOVUS Glass and Speedy Auto Service under the same roof.
“It feels good,” she says, “but it is also kind of scary because it is so new.”
Valérie is not new to the Fix Auto family as she possesses 17 years with the network. Just last July she took ownership of the three shop locations that her father, Michel had operated in Quebec for the past 25 years. He is known to the network as one of the first auto repairers to operate under the banner in the province. 
Valérie told Collision Repair that in that same year she decided to add NOVUS Glass to all three locations because she really liked the services the brand offers. At that point the only one that seemed to have been missing from her shops was Speedy Auto Service.
That’s when she added the brand to her Fix Auto Coaticook and Sherbrooke East locations, becoming the first franchise partner to offer all three of the aftermarket services. The grand openings for both of these locations are scheduled to happen within the following year. 
Adding Speedy to the mix, changes things up, she says. “It changes the way we can interact with customers and will attract more frequent clients.”
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