Fix Auto lets shopping carts go rogue to test how humans react to potential vehicle damage

An unsuspecting bystander rescues a car from a rogue shopping cart. Fix Auto conducted this social experiment to test how people would react to a shopping cart speeding towards a vehicle.

Blainvile, Quebec — July 18, 2017 — How do human beings react to potential vehicle damage? That was the question Fix Auto sought to answer recently by way of an entertaining social experiment. The experiment tested how people would react to a rogue shopping cart speeding toward parked cars in a suburban grocery store parking lot.

The day the experiment was conducted probably started out just any other for most of the unwitting participants, but it would soon take an unexpected twist. Cameras began rolling as a seemingly self-directed shopping cart took on a life of its own, surprising passersby.

Would people’s first instinct be to step back and watch the cart almost hit and dent vehicles? Or on the contrary, would people intervene and try to stop the cart by all means?

“We weren’t sure how people would respond,” said Alexandra Zalec, VP of Marketing for Fix Auto Canada. “It was as amusing to watch the reactions as it was for the participants when they were filled in on the situation. Every person had a laugh and all were delighted to be part of the stunt.”

One of the unsuspecting bystanders commented with a chuckle, “The cart seemed to have its own personality as it followed and spun around me. I couldn’t believe it! I even saw it helping a few people deliver groceries to their cars!” The video captured real, unscripted and genuine reactions.

At the end of the day, the goodwill, kindness and tenacity of strangers prevailed. “Our Fix Auto shopping cart experiment reinforces people’s willingness to get involved to protect strangers’ cars,” said Zalec. “People are pretty awesome!”

You can see the video for yourself at fixauto.com/shoppingcart.


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