Fix Auto ad campaign sets out to redefine the F-Word

Blainville, Quebec — November, 17 — Fix Auto has launched a national advertising campaign to help promote their services, while also cleaning up Canadian’s language.

“We wanted to be bold and clear,” says Carl Brabander, Vice President of Marketing at Fix Auto. “Anyone who’s been in a fender bender knows how easy it can be to express our frustrations out loud—but when minor collisions occur, we want the first words out of your mouth to be Fix Auto.”

Dubbed “First Word,” the advertisement sets the scene with an unexpected collision and an anticipated verbal reaction before quickly switching from a chaotic collision site to a quiet interior shot of a Fix Auto body repair centre.

“It’s always an easy fix for us,” says Brabander. “With over 200 locations across Canada, our team is always nearby and ready to get drivers back on the road quickly and smoothly. At Fix Auto, we turn frustration into customer satisfaction on a daily basis.”

The campaign is set to run in both French and English with a 12-month outlook, rolling out across the country on television, as well as through mobile, online and in-game branding.

The advertisement can be viewed here: www.YouTube.ca/FixAutoCanada.

For more information on Fix Auto, please visit FixAuto.com.


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