Falling in Line: Subaru disables Starlink on all 2022 Massachusetts-delivered vehicles

Boston, Massachusetts — In order to comply with the state’s new Right to Repair laws, Subaru has disabled Starlink in its 2022 Massachusetts-delivered vehicles.

The wireless diagnostic system will not be available for vehicle owners for subscription like it has been in the past and like it will continue to be for other states. 

This comes in response to the 2020 Right to Repair legislation that was passed by Massachusetts voters but has been held up in the courts by the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, which represents the manufacturers. A decision on that court case is expected soon.

Attorney General Maura Healey is seeking to introduce new evidence showing that Subaru is deactivating the wireless diagnostic systems as a way to comply with the new law. 

During the summer trial, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation said vehicle makers couldn’t redesign the digital systems in time, but Healey told the judge automakers could just switch off the systems until they can make the data available to owners and other repair shops.


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