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Apr 05 - 06 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

HD Repair Forum

As the commercial and transportation vehicle market continues to evolve in new vehicle technologies, materials, and a diverse choice of energy sources, the collision repair industry is experiencing an expansion of repair demands in an already challenging environment.

At the HD Repair Forum, the organization’s efforts look to bridge existing gaps in industry communication, collaboration, equipment, and education offerings, with the goal of facilitating safe and efficient repair processes for the heavy- & medium-duty industry as a whole.

The industry’s network of collision repair facilities, vehicle manufacturers, industry experts, insurance agents, independent appraisers, educators, and equipment and service suppliers provides the heavy-and medium-duty collision repair sector with the information and networking opportunities needed to develop an educated, efficient, and collaborative industry.

The HD Repair Forum’s events and resources provide space for the latest news, industry trends, business tips, repair tactics, and best practices to surface and become the norm. The event aims to enable:

  • OEMs to reach collision repair facilities looking to improve cycle times, repair processes, overall repair performance, and industry-wide uptime
    Shop owners of heavy- & medium-duty collision repair facilities to gain unique access to informative discussions, news articles, and networking opportunities
  • Managers to discover useful information for production improvements, human resource and leadership guidance, as well as understand the latest advancements in available tooling and equipment.
  • Estimators, educators, and insurance professionals to discover the latest trends, best practices, and easily find resources for safe and proper vehicle repair.
  • Technicians to have the opportunity to learn the latest repair demands and techniques from manufacturers and industry experts.

Getting involved with the HD Repair Forum positions industry businesses for growth by providing industry information and market intelligence for business opportunities, enabling network opportunities with important business partners, and fostering conversations that address important challenges in heavy- and medium-duty collision repair.

Register here: https://hdrepairforum.com/hd-repair-forum/agenda


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