EV/AV Report: November 17, 2019

AV Report ⁠— November 15, 2019


EV V for B.C.  

British Columbia’s reputation for being a haven for environmentalism is well-earned, a new report shows. A study from Electric Mobility Canada has found that one-in-ten vehicle’s sold in Canada’s westernmost province are now emmissions free.

Buying zero emissions vehicles at a rate close to three times the national average–3.5 percent– B.C. drivers remain well ahead of the second placed province–Quebec, at seven percent.

The study credits the sales numbers to B.C.’s incentivisation programs and pro-ZEV legislation.


Electrified Equines


If the traditional Mustang convertible is a pony, is the brand’s new SUV a warhorse?With pre-orders begining next week, the Mustang Mach-E is one of 40 hybrid vehicle models Ford plans to have designed by 2022.

Ford has invested $11 billion U.S. in electrified vehicle designs.

Costly Venture

Volkswagen has announced plans to spend $33 billion U.S. on electric vehicles over the next four years. The company says that its investment will allow its brands to design and release 75 electric vehicles by 2029.


Major Milestone 


Ride-sharing behemoth Lyft says its anonymous vehicles have performed their 75,000th trip, and that they are driving four times as much as they were six months ago.


The company currently has more than 400 employees working on autonomous vehicle projects.

The company’s first foray into public autonomous testing occured during the SEMA Show in Las Vegas in 2018.


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