EV/AV Report: August 2, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s EV/AV Report, Quebec leads the way in Canada’s transition to electric vehicles and Oshawa receives funding for a virtual showroom to raise awareness about EVs. Meanwhile, a Canadian-based power electronics company expands into the U.S.

Quebec’s Killin’ It

After the Canadian federal government announced it will ban sales of all new gas-powered cars by 2035, each province has been working tirelessly to amp up EV efforts. 

However, one province is leading the way. 

According to a new report, 46 percent of registered electric cars in Canada are located in Quebec. 

The report conducted by the Association des Véhicules Électriques du Québec (AVÉQ), said that as of March 31, 2021, 213,000 electric vehicle registrations have been made in Canada and 984, 480 of those were from Quebec. 

Although B.C. has the highest per-capita rate of electric vehicle drivers, Quebec isn’t too far behind at 6.8 percent.

What may explain Quebec’s domination of the EV market is its provincial incentives for electric vehicle buyers. On top of the rebates provided by the federal government, the province offers up to:  $8,000 for new BEVs, FCEVs and PHEVs, $4,000 for used BEVs and FCEVs and $600 for the purchase of home-charging stations, which can be combined with federal rebates.

“One of the reasons why we’re starting to see this change is because people are seeing that there is a financial advantage [to] driving an electric car,” Simon-Pierre Rioux, president of the AVÉQ, told CTV News Montreal. “It’s really advantageous.”

EV Showroom

As part of #EVWeekinCanada, Ryan Turnbull, Member of Parliament for Whitby, on behalf of the Honourable Seamus O’Regan Jr., Minister of Natural Resources, announced Thursday a $50,000 investment to Oshawa Power to support a dynamic zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) virtual showroom to raise public awareness about ZEVs and their role in the transition to a clean energy future. 

The project, which supports the Durham Community Energy Plan and the Electric Vehicle Joint Venture, will include the activation of Plug’n Drive‘s Mobile EV Education Trailer (MEET), ZEV testimonials from EV Society volunteers, and information booths from the municipalities and electric utilities of Durham Region to encourage ZEV awareness, education and uptake. 

“We’re giving Canadians the greener options they want to get to where they need to go. We’re building a coast-to-coast network of electric vehicle charging stations from St. John’s to Victoria, and now we’re raising ZEV awareness right here in Oshawa. This is how we get to net-zero by 2050.,” said the Honourable Seamus O’Regan Jr., Minister of Natural Resources in a statement. 

Exro Expands

Exro Technologies Inc., a Canadian-based clean technology company that has developed a new class of power electronics for electric motors and batteries, today announced the location of its U.S. headquarters in Mesa, Arizona

Exro says it plans to hire 50 employees over the next 18 months, bringing new job opportunities to the region and expanding the local e-mobility ecosystem. This news comes on the heels of Exro’s graduation to the Toronto Stock Exchange and demonstrates the Company’s continued growth and momentum.

​​From its 15,000 square foot location in Mesa, Arizona, Exro will expand its research, development, and testing to optimize power within electric vehicles (EVs) of all types, from scooters and e-bikes to electric cars and buses. From this location, Exro will continue developing and begin piloting its advanced battery control technology.

“The Greater Phoenix area was a natural choice for our U.S. home, and we’re thrilled to become a part of the innovative business community,” said Sue Ozdemir, CEO of Exro Technologies. “The region is ripe with potential manufacturing partners and suppliers, and its competitive talent pipeline will support our continued growth. Mayor Giles and the city of Mesa have welcomed our vision and we look forward to building on the city’s enthusiasm for electric vehicles. We’re excited to invite customers and shareholders to visit us and see our technology at work.”



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