Enter the Matrix: Dave Luehr to showcase Matrix Wand

Toronto, Ontario — Jack into Elite Body Shop Solutions’ Elite Product Showcase tomorrow at 2 p.m. CDT where Dave Luehr and a special guest will be demonstrating the capabilities of the Matrix Wand.


This upcoming episode of the long-running monthly webinar series aims to cover the future of 3D structural diagnostics. Dave Luehr, along with Avery Hodge, the sales coordinator for Matrix Wand, will be discussing the Matrix Wand’s functionality in today’s repair climate—its pre- and post-repair documentation, system usage reporting, optional blueprinting stations as well as new pricing options that are now available.


The wand itself takes 3D images of a vehicle to measure suspension, control arms, cradle positioning, toe angle, caster angle and more. It captures this data, and, using computer software, displays it in order to find hidden damages.


Registration for the free webinar can be found on Elite Body Shop Solutions’ site. To learn more about the Matrix Wand, request a product demo or to take the red pill, visit the company’s site.

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