Efficiency for the East: Toyota Canada opens new Ontario distribution centre to ‘better serve’ Eastern Canada

Bowmanville, Ontario — Toyota Canada has announced a new parts distribution centre in Ontario that it says will better serve dealerships in Eastern Canada.

The new facility, which is 32,500 sq. metres (350,000 sq. ft.) in size, located in Bowmanville, Ont., about 75 km east of Toronto.

Toyota, which did not disclose the cost of the project, said the Eastern Canada Parts Distribution Centre has direct access to major transportation routes to better serve Toyota and Lexus dealerships from Manitoba to Newfoundland.

“The new ECPDC will play an essential role in Toyota’s Canadian parts and service operations by allowing for continued growth and increased parts and service efficiency,” Toyota said in a statement.

About 150 people will work at the centre, which is built on 30 acres (12 hectares). The facility includes a rooftops garden and a park area where employees can relax outdoors; a fully equipped gym; a wellness room for religious prayers or private quiet time; and a private lounge for truck drivers, complete with shower facilities.

Geothermal heating will be used to reduce the building’s reliance on emission-producing fuels and self-dimming glass will control glare and help reduce the need for cooling during the summer. A 25,000-litre cistern will supply the facility’s low-flow toilets and urinals with rain or snow collected from its roof, saving more than 325,000 litres of water per year, the company said.

To create a more inclusive workplace, the automaker also installed telescopic adjustable desks and podiums and an elevator and stairwells specifically designed to be accessible to everyone, with rounded rails and markers for people with visual impairments.

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