Doug’s Place hosted largest EV event in Alberta

By CRM Staff

Toronto, Ontario — August 24, 2018 — Last week, Doug’s Place, a collision repair shop based in Edmonton, hosted the biggest-ever event showcasing electric vehicles in the city’s history.

Nelson Santos, parts manager among other roles with the shop said that they are Tesla certified and see a lot of these vehicles come into their shop.

Electric vehicles seem to be reaming some popularity as time progresses and drivers begin to realize it is more efficient than your standardized vehicle.

There are currently 50 EV charging stations across the province of Alberta. But in terms of the whole country, EV sales have increased by 68 percent year-over-year. As of 2017 the total number of plug-in vehicles on the road in Canada is 47,800.

The Tesla certified shop held the BBQ event for Tesla owners to come out and mingle as well as to check out the shop and see how some of the repairs are done on these vehicles. There were also technicians on-site to answer any questions that anyone may have had.

Santos said the reason they did this event was because they became a sponsor for the Teslas Owner Club of Alberta and decided it would be a great way of networking as well as giving them the chance to see how the shop operates on repairs for their type of vehicles.

He said that there was a great turn out of about over 100 people and 41 Tesla’s parked out front.

They are planning on doing another BBQ event because it was such a hit and it probably won’t be held until next summer, he said.

Doug’s Place made a video based on the event https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=68&v=MO73I4YPbyk.


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