Doug’s Place BMW event looks at vehicle technology and repair

By CRM Staff
Edmonton, Alberta — July 13, 2018 — Doug’s Place Strathcona recently hosted a BMW event in Edmonton, Alberta. 
“The event went very well. 80 people came out from different areas of the industry – claims management, appraisers, dealers, suppliers, insurers, service people, OEM, aftermarket,” says Jack De Sena of Doug’s Place Strathcona. 
The evening kicked off with networking, food and drinks. Gary Lin, certified collision repair program specialist, BMW Canada, delivered a presentation on vehicle technology followed by a question and answers period.
De Sena continues, “We also brought in a vehicle that was improperly repaired to demonstrate what happens if it isn’t repaired at a certified collision repair centre. A panel that was supposed to be replaced was repaired, the poor repair of rear body panel prevented gate closure.” 

Throughout the evening there was a heavy focus on paint, 3M, and reparability of panels and the issues it can cause for ADAS. BMW 5 series 6 and X3s have an ADAS system where sensors can’t be recalibrated due to reparability factors mentioned.
De Sena concludes, “It becomes important that cars are repaired back to OEM specifications, abide by OEM standards and old industry standards can no longer be followed to be able to return these vehicles back to their proper performance standards.”
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