DeVilbiss introduces new clear-coat and primer guns

The TEKNA Primer Gun and the TEKNA Clearcoat Spray gun.

Scottsdale, Arizona — December 11, 2017 — DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing recently introduced two new spray guns to round-out their series of material-specific spray guns: the TEKNA Clearcoat Spray Gun and the TEKNA Primer Gun.

According to DeVilbiss, the TEKNA Clearcoat Spray Gun is designed to spray the latest generation higher-solid clearcoats with remarkable efficiency and ease. The TEKNA Clearcoat gun features an all-new TE25 High Efficiency air cap designed to give painters better control and provide seamless overlapping of clearcoats; yielding improved gloss levels from finishes while using noticeably less material. 

The gun is anodized inside and out for corrosion and scratch resistance. The TEKNA Clearcoat kit includes an HV30 (HVLP) air cap, HAV-555 digital gauge, disposable cup adapter, color ID rings and a gun wrench, as well as 1.2mm, 1.3mm and 1.4mm fluid tips.

The TEKNA Primer spray gun is designed to spray all types of primers, surfaces, fillers and polyesters, according to DeVilbiss. The primer gun comes with all new High Efficiency and HVLP air caps and produces large spray patterns with even material distribution. This lightweight gun is also anodized inside and out for corrosion and scratch resistance. All TEKNA Primer kits will include PR10 (HE) and PR30 (HVLP) air caps, a 900cc aluminum cup and a gun wrench. Three kit options will be available with fluid tip sizes ranging from 1.4mm to 2.5mm.

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