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As Canada begins to emerge from the pandemic, one of the country’s largest automobile repair companies is preparing to service more customers in an ever-increasing number of markets in Canada and the United States. The Boyd Group has a plan to double its business by 2025.

“If you look at our financial performance over the last 10 years, we are truly humbled to be one of Canada’s great success stories,” said Tony Canade, Boyd’s Canadian Chief Operating Officer. “While we have expanded our reach by acquiring outstanding operations, our growth also comes from word-of-mouth referrals, a by-product of providing every customer a top-quality repair and backing it up with best-in-class service.”

Ontario consumers know this company as Assured Automotive; Canada’s 4 western provinces know it as Boyd Autobody & Glass and American customers in 30 states know the Boyd Group as Gerber Collision & Glass and Glass America which includes Gerber National Claim Services, Auto Glass Authority, AutoGlassOnly.com and Auto Glass Service.

These operations achieved over $2 billion in sales in 2020. But while some businesses hunkered down during COVID-19, Canade says the Boyd Group used the time to improve operations and develop a blueprint for additional growth in Canada.

“Our strategy positions both Assured Automotive and Boyd Autobody to continue our growth trajectory in Canada,” he says. “Our commitment to providing high quality repairs and continuous improvement will allow us to be the first and best choice for our customers and insurance partners today and into the future.” Canade says that means focusing on three specific areas that will keep customers loyal, retain and diversify a strong workforce and foster growth including:

1. Making customer service a top priority with the lowest cycle times coupled with high CSI/NPS scores and low return rates. Assured Automotive and Boyd Autobody & Glass achieves this by developing a relationship with each customer by communicating with them all the way through the repair process. Because Assured Automotive and Boyd Autobody & Glass want customers to recommend their shops to friends and family, they stand behind the repairs and service that they provide. Comprehensive quality control processes ensure repairs meet the highest standard and the workmanship is backed with a lifetime guarantee. This means that when Assured Automotive and Boyd Autobody & Glass repair a vehicle, the owner has a repair facility and their insurance company standing behind the work.

2. Continuing to promote a culture of community and teamwork. Assured Automotive and Boyd Autobody & Glass believe in growing the careers of team members by offering individuals new growth opportunities and providing thousands of hours of annual training and coaching. By ensuring each team member is properly trained, the company can assure focus on accountability, safety and quality. The organization is also active in technician development and apprenticeship programs supporting team members as they pursue and attain OE Certifications from the Technician Development Program. Assured Automotive and Boyd Autobody & Glass recognize that they serve diverse communities. Both welcome and respect the value that each person brings to the community. To ensure their workforce reflects this reality, both Assured Automotive and Boyd Autobody & Glass have developed strategies to actively seek out under-represented communities and support efforts to acquire the skills to join their teams.

3. Demonstrating to customers and insurance partners a commitment to quality and continuous improvement through technician development, OE certifications, scanning technology and calibration services. Only about 10% of all repair facilities in Canada meet the I-CAR Gold Class Certification – a growing number of Assured Automotive and Boyd Autobody & Glass shops have achieved this mark. The Boyd Group uses its size and scale to centrally purchase parts and its economies of scale enable Assured and Boyd Autobody to introduce new technologies at a lower cost helping improve repair quality and keeping repair costs lower. “Assured Automotive and Boyd Autobody & Glass both have rich histories and proven track records of providing safe and quality repairs,” Canade said. “But we also recognize the need to continue to grow and evolve to be successful in the future. We look forward to continuing to leverage our size and scope to benefit customers, insurance partners and the industry. We will also further build a culture that keeps our attention on each transaction with every customer, every partner and every team member.”




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