Crash Theft Auto: London man crashes test-drive vehicle and fails to hijack multiple vehicles

London, Ontario – Every day bring something new, especially when you decide the best response to a car crash is to hijack the closest car–or three.

On Aug. 4, a London man test-drove a car from a potential seller. After crashing the vehicle near Trafalgar Street and Highbury Avenue, the test-driver and his friend decided the next best move was to climb out of the sunroof, flee, and hijack nearby cars which stopped for a red light.

While most of these cars had their doors locked thanks to the drivers who were inside throughout this entire incident, the man successfully opened a car door and attempted to physically remove the driver from the vehicle, according to a London Police report.

Consequently, the 18-year-old now faces charges for driving without a license, failing to stop at the scene of an accident, dangerous operation, and assault with intent to steal.

While crime-themed shows and movies are a harmless pastime, turning them into live-action roleplay may not be the healthiest hobby in the world. Try video games, or maybe yoga?


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